Saga Cafe

The SAGA Cafe

The Saga Café accommodates up to 30 guest with an additional 20 seats on the adjacent covered patio overlooking the gardens and lake. Reservations are highly recommended at all times.
With a shortened capacity in the cafe, due to COVID restrictions, we are only able to seat 20 people max when we open in May. 

Our Menu




Fresh fruit, Havarti cheese, w/  house made Rundstykkyer



Clear soup

Clear chicken broth , meatballs, dumplings, carrots topped with scallions


Smørrebrød – Danish Open-Faced Sandwiches 

All Sandwhiches served with choce of side (potato salad, Danish red cabbage, Cucumber Salad)


Rullepølse (Rolled Spiced Pork)
Hearty Danish rye bread served with traditional Danish rolled spiced pork, garnished with remoulade, crispy onions, and fresh, seasonal vegetables.


Spegepølse (Danish Salami)
Hearty Danish rye bread served with delicious Danish salami and garnished with remoulade, crispy onions, and fresh seasonal vegetables.


Sild (Pickled Herring)
Danish rye bread served with pickled herring and garnished with curry mayo, lemon, and fresh seasonal vegetables.


Karrykylling (Chicken Curry)

Roasted Chicken, spinach, curry mayo, pickled asparagus on House made Rye bread

Reje (Shrimp) 

Shrimp, egg, lettuce, Dill mayo on House made sourdough white bread

Æg Salat (Egg salad)

Boiled eggs, sliced potato, lettuce, Dill mayo House made Rye bread


Pick 3 teaser size sandwhiches from above with a side of choice

Dansk Pølse (Danish Hot Dog)
A foot long Danish hot dog served on a bun with remoulade
and crispy onions.




Potato Salad 
Cucumber Salad 

Danish Red Cabbage 



Each dish comes with 5 Æbleskiver 

Traditional  - a round light fluffy treat, served with Saskatoon Jam

Strawberry Shortcake

Traditional æbleskiver filled with whipped cream, Strawberries,

Citron Fromage

Tradional æblesiver filled w/lemon mouse

The Canadian

Æbleskiver filled wth Canadian bacon and Maple syrup


Æbleskiver filled with shrimp, cream cheese Dill

The Loki

Æbleskiver filled with pork meatball , spinach, feta


Pick 3 varieties  taste tester - totaling 9 æbleskiver

Kids Menu

Hot Dog
A European hot dog served North American style, comes with chips æbleskiver


Grilled Cheese
A grilled cheese sandwich served with chips, æbleskiver.



Dansk Desserter – Danish Desserts

Æblekage (Apple Cake)
Layers of applesauce and caramelized breadcrumbs with real whipped cream for a light delicious dessert.


Ris A L'amande (Almond rice pudding)

Creamy traditional rice pudding

Cookie Medallions

Sugar cookies filled with a creamy vanilla custard

Rabarer Buddin (Rhubarb Pudding) 

Traditional Rhubarb Custard with our own grown rhubarb

Citrus Fromage 

Fluffy lemon dessert served with whip cream and mint


Drikkevarer – Beverages

Kaffee (Coffee)
Te (Tea) with Peppernut cookies
Free Refill


Dansk Øl (Danish Beer) 
Carlsberg, Turborg, Faxe 
500 ml can


Rød og Hvid Vin (Red or White Wine)
150 ml glass


Akvavit (Aquavit) 
Aalborg, Aquavitus, Bornholmer
30 ml glass


Variety of Flavors
600 ml  glass