December 2nd Day 2 of Advent

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

During the first world war in Europe (1914-1918) the production of the original chocolate Advent calendars had pretty much stopped in Germany. By the beginning of the 1930’s the Advent calendar had started to change and in Demark they had started to do things differently it was no longer just chocolates in the Advents After the second world war Advent calendars with small, gift-wrapped presents (in Danish Pakkekalender), slowly began to become the normal in Denmark. An Advent calendar with small presents would typically have 24 small ones and one big gift on the 24th of December. The presents could contain small packs of Lego, or Candy for the Children. Some Adults also made an Advent Calendar for their partners. There are so many ideas for the Advent calendars, and it extends the Christmas season, creating so much joy and fun with the first 24 days of December being Christmas everyday.

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