Danish Canadian Museum Advent December 6th

Today is the second Sunday in Advent already! What does that mean?? Well On the last Sunday of November or the First Sunday in December, Danes go crazy with spruce twigs, candles, cones, berries, and ribbons. Families would normally be gathering to make Advent wreaths, bake cookies and hygge. Originally advent marks a peaceful time of preparation for the birth of Christ. Today for most Danes advent marks the time to start singing “All I want for Christmas is you”. Christian or not lighting candles is always meditative. Traditionally, once the wreath has been decorated, Danes light one candle every Sunday that leads up to Christmas. The Candles on the wreath were to recognize Christs four virtues. Candles on the advent wreath symbolize, hope, love, joy, and peace, as the candles are lit in order, beginning today (or you could have started last Sunday). Some will use a 5th candle in the centre to represent Christ himself that is lit on Christmas Day to remind Christians of the light Jesus brings to the world. The Advent candles have different meanings in different groups, but the main idea behind the candles is the progression, sense of expectation, anticipation of increased light. Light its self at Christmas does start to increase as the earths natural rotation our sunlight is starting to increase, for some this is also a huge part of Christmas, the beginning of the light returning in more ways than one. Solstice is the sun starts coming back. Whatever your belief there is something deeply resounding and enlightening about the sun increasing, and the connection of Christs light coming to earth for myself I believe that this may have something to do with peace on earth. The balance and harmony of all, there is a feeling of balance on earth as the sun returns, we are no longer moving away from but towards light, the earth has made it for another season.

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