Danish Canadian Museum Advent December 5th

When is it ok to start singing Christmas carols and wearing your favorite Christmas attire, decorating your home? These questions come out every year some keep their tree up year-round and change the decorations with the seasons. For a few Danes it can start with the first Friday of November, when Christmas beer (julebryg) officially hits the liquor stores(bodegas). The majority impatiently wait until its socially accepted to show Christmas excitement and that is around the Advent. For anyone who loves Christmas the question of when is to early at some point will cross your mind. If you never feel its to early, well ENJOY the spirt. For everyone else embrace the Danish belief that the last Sunday of November is the best day to start. However, you choose to celebrate Christmas in your homes I encourage you to truly celebrate it! Slow down appreciate the simplicity of Christmas, it does not have to be crazy busy and you do not have to spend a million dollars to make the Christmas memories. My all-time favorite Christmas memory was the year my parents got us a monopoly game, we all shared it my four siblings and me. We played Monopoly everyday for the full Christmas break it stayed out on the coffee table for weeks, all of us, mom, dad all of us kids played. Snuggled up in our living room with the fire going dads’ furs, violins, banjos, and guitars hanging on the walls, with the cold outside and the warmth inside the safest simplest feeing in the world. To this day every time I see or hear anything about a monopoly game, I am transported back to that Christmas. It was the most hyggelig feeling.

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