Danish Canadian Advent December 11th 2020

Yule had a strong connection to Odin for the Vikings. During this time of year, you could watch the God of Gods fly through the night sky, paying visits to people in their homes. Often depicted as old, wise, and fatherly, Odin would fly across the sky on Sleipner, his eight-legged horse (Eight reindeer anyone? Sorry Rudolph - you were a couple centuries later, but we still love you!). Sound familiar? Many people think that Odin is, in fact, the original Santa Claus. The Dutch later took on the Norse tradition and made him into Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas, as they call him. It was Saint Nicholas, however (who is entirely unrelated to Norse mythology), that perfected Santa Claus into what he is today - the giver of gifts for the good. So, is it fate and destiny that perhaps the stories of Vikings could have created both an iconic person in Santa Claus and a delicious pastry called Kringle, that just happens to show up in his name? We are not sure, but this bit of trivia will probably earn you some points in your families get togethers!!

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