With the exploration and immigration of the Danes, they stumbled upon Canada, and many settled in the Hamlet of Dickson, Alberta. Our museum supports and displays the heritage of many Danish Canadians that have lived and grown in the Prairies.


Outdoor Exhibits

  • The Naust (Boathouse) with our Viking Ship 

  • The Dagmar Pioneer Church 

  • The Nielsen CPR House 

  • The Thomsen Cabin 

  • Our Lake and Bridge 

Indoor Exhibits

  • The Danish Library Exhibit Room

  • The Verbena Dormitory Exhibit

  • The Heritage Exhibit 

  • Hans Christian Andersen Exhibit 

  • The Immigration Exhibit Room 

Teen Volunteers


We have over 5000 Artifacts that sadly, we do not have on display. However, we have cataloged all of our items, which you can view upon request.  We are looking at various steps to enable adding more exhibits.  If you would like to sponsor or donate to the museum and help an artifact find a home please go to our donation page, and help artifacts find permanent homes. 

Donation Of Artifacts

The Danish Canadian Museum has an impressive 5000 artifacts but we are always looking for more pieces to help tell our story. If you would like to donate an item, please email our Curator with a list of the items you have available.

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