About Us

The Danish Canadian Museum exhibits the rich history of Danish settlers in Canada; a saga that began over 1000 years ago. Constructed in 1933, the Verbena Dormitory served as a boarding house for local high school girls from pioneer farm families in the area. It now boasts over 5000 artifacts, thirteen acres of green space, and traditional Danish delicacies at the Saga Café.


We invite you

Step Into the Saga

This website is designed to allow people from all over the world to step into the saga with the Danish Canadian National Museum. We would love to see you in the Saga Café, walking the beautiful grounds, exploring the buildings, and picnicking on the lawns, but we understand that is not always possible. We hope this site will allow you to discover the saga in new and exciting ways. Here you can view artifacts, read about the history of Danish Canadians, and enjoy the cultural experience we provide, wherever whenever you choose.

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